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4X Growth in 3 Years: A Regional Breakaway Success Story

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Most think of “breakaways” as those who leave the wirehouse world in search of greater freedom and flexibility and to create their own independent practices. It’s also common for these folks to focus initially on organic growth, then consider acquisitions down the road.

Chip Munn Signature Wealth Strategies

The guest in this episode took a different path, reminding us that breakaways do not always come from the wirehouses and can be more focused on the bigger picture right out of the gate.

In 2016, Chip Munn left regional broker dealer Hilliard Lyons with a goal of finding more freedom to grow his business and expand into other markets. So, he and his partners joined the independent broker dealer arm of Raymond James Financial Services (also known as RJFS). And since making the move, his firm Signature Wealth Strategies has grown from $300 million in assets under management to $1.2 BILLION.

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